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Welcome to ENT Associates of Alabama

Seeking the best care for your ear, nose and throat needs? You’re in the right place. Our highly trained doctors will work with you toward positive outcomes and the best treatment for your individual needs.

With 10 locations and 15 physicians throughout the state, we run the largest Otolaryngology practice in Alabama. That’s more than 600 years’ worth of combined staff and physician experience!

Need Ear, Nose & Throat Services?

Looking to hear better, breathe better or eliminate headaches? Call us to set up an appointment with an ear, nose and throat expert today!

Looking for Allergy Relief?

Whether it’s the sniffles or a case of congestion, those allergies can’t keep you down. Now is a great time to meet with an ear, nose and throat expert to learn more about what’s causing your symptoms and how to keep living your best life.

Interested in Improving Your Hearing?

Find out more today about how a hearing evaluation and hearing aids can help boost your productivity, quality of life and make sure that you never miss a beat.

Ready to Breathe Easy?

Sinus infections can be cumbersome and painful, but there’s no reason they need to interfere with your day-to-day life. Now is a great time to speak with an ear, nose and throat expert to learn more about causes, treatment options and solutions for stamping out your sinus infection!

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